Adelina Pereira


Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Adelina Pereira was already a young adult when connected with her ancestral Portuguese cultural and linguistic roots after deciding to leave her native land to settle in Portugal in 1978. Here she taught herself to read and write Portuguese, which now she does most fluently. During her time in Portugal, she also cultivated an avid interest in the country’s history and literature. Over time, she has developed a particularly interest in the more unknown and overlooked aspects and stories of the Portuguese Diaspora, seeking when and wherever possible to bring these to light.


Of her many professional activities over the years, she tends to highlight her time as an English language teacher, a translator and voluntary community journalist, having collaborated with several Portuguese language magazines, newspapers and websites in the UK and Canada, where she has a large contact network amongst the Portuguese-speaking community. She has also carried out and provided historical research for a number of literary projects.

Workshops are taking place in Peterborough on 16 & 20 May, please contact These workshops are in partnership with East Timorese Association.


A major workshop is scheduled for Thursday 28th September from

4-7.30pm. This workshop is led by Adelina Pereira, and is in partnership with the Portuguese Community in Action (East) CIC.



Participation is free and the workshop will take place at:


Charles Burrell Centre,

Staniforth Road, Thetford